Tuesday, August 12, 2008

20 Weeks

Yay! Lisa was officially 20 weeks, yesterday, Monday August 11th! She has been doing really well. At her last appointment at the end of July she had gained a whopping 7lbs! :) At that appointment they did an ultrasound and the pictures were adorable. The baby really looks like a baby; not just a blob on the screen! hehe! She goes back to the doctor at the end of August. Time is flying! She is finally starting to show a little bit more than in her previous pictures. Here they are for your viewing pleasure! Of course, Lisa forgot to bring the ultrasound pictures over to my place Sunday so that I could scan them but hopefully I will get them soon and be able to post a picture of little baby Baranovic!

Covered belly

Bare Belly :)


Amanda West said...

Time is flying by!! What's her due date again? Do they know what they're having??

Cassie said...

Her due date is December 29th! They do not want to know what they are having until the birth so we all will wait in anticipation for that day! :)