Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emergency Vet Visit

Unfortunately I had a bit of a rough later part of the weekend. The first part was great though! On Friday I played softball and we won 15-10! :) On Saturday I worked the soup kitchen for our church's day! It was long but fun! Unfortunately when I came home on Saturday night I had noticed that Eddie had a red bubble area underneath his bum! :) I had noticed it when shortly after we came home his first day but Wendy at the shelter didn't seem too concerned about it. After I got home on Saturday it looked as those had been messing with it all day and I became a little concerned. He was picking at it and it had started to bleed a little. I called the shelter where I got him from and Wendy told me to bring him over to her place on Sunday morning and she would take a look at it. So I stayed up most of the night making sure he didn't mess with it too much and make it worse. We headed over to Wendy's to get it looked at and she wasn't' really sure what it was so she said I should make him a Vet appointment on Monday to get it looked at. So Sunday we hung around the condo and had a few visitors (thanks Lisa, Ben, Mom & Dad) who kept Eddie occupied so he didn't mess with that area too much and everyone wore him out so he slept good! :)

On Monday I called the Vet that I wanted to take him to and they scheduled him an appointment for 11am. We went in and found out that the vet (unknown) who did his neutering didn't get everything tucked back inside him and he was able to get a hold of a little piece and pull it out. He just kept picking at it and that's why it got worse. The vet yesterday had to basically re-neuter him. I think it was more emotional for me than it was for Eddie. He did really well and we were in an out in about 1 1/2 hours! They were amazing at the Vet's office and I was so thankful they fixed him up. Yesterday when we got home, Eddie slept most of the day. He would get up, go eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, use the potty, sleep, eat, etc! lol! He slept the entire night right next to my head! :) So sweet!

This morning he seemed much better. He was active and playful and his wound seems to be healing really well. I have to give him an antibiotic twice a day for about 10 days to make sure he doesn't get an infection but other than that I think he will be just fine and we shouldn't have anymore problems! Thank goodness! The vet bill wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Dr. Markely didn't charge me for an office visit which was a huge help. They are a great Vet clinic! Although I hope we do not have to go there often, I know that when we do, we will get the best care available!

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