Monday, August 4, 2008


So I took a few pictures of the inside of my condo shortly after I moved in and wanted to be sure to post them to my blog so that everyone (who hasn't been able to come by) can see a little bit of my new home. Of course, these pictures do not do it justice and make it seemingly look plain. I have a lot of decorating to do but compared to my apartment this place is so much more light and refreshing. It is comfortable and spacey. I have room to jump up and down since the ceilings are vaulted (not that I do that or anything) and a hallway to skip through. :) My spare bedroom is just filled with little things until I move a bedroom set in there. Not sure when that will be happening. I have a cute laundry room that will soon have a washer and dryer in at as well as storage and kitty stuff. Man, this condo stuff is starting to get expensive. haha! Enjoy the pictures!!

The living room/dining room (deck area outside that door)
view from living area into kitchen
cute little kitchen :)
full bath (shower not shown...hehe)
half bath
my room

other side of my room (bath and closest)
That's it folks! Things look a little different since I've moved in but you get the idea! I have a ton of decorating to do so now that everyone has seen the place, throw out some ideas on how I should decorate. I need stuff for the walls! lol! :)

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