Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eddie Eddie Eddie

So believe it or not, I actually like the name Eddie! I call him Eddie Munster! hehe! It worked out that I could pick him up yesterday and bring him home. He is, so far, a fantastic kitten! He is curious, sneaky and playful! He seems to love his new home and I am lucky to have him! He did so well during his first afternoon and night! He slept a lot, played a lot and surprisingly enough, ate pretty well for the first day! He has fun toys to keep him occupied! He followed me around just about everywhere I went yesterday. It was cute!

I had a hard time leaving for work this morning and I wish the time would go by faster so I could get home to see him! I'm sure he is just laying around sleeping all day but I feel bad for not being able to spend more time with him on his first few days with me! :)

I took a few pictures of him yesterday - mostly sleeping but they are cute anyways! Enjoy!!

I also have two brief video's of him playing! I love the one where he walks into the camera! hehe!

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