Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The FEST!!!

On Sunday the family took a trip up to St. Mary's Seminary in Wickliffe, Ohio for an event called "The Fest"! The Fest is a Christian Festival that has been held for 8 years now. They set up games and activities for all ages. They have booths with information ranging from Catholic High Schools to Colleges to different Retreats to Ways to get involved in a variety of different things. The biggest part of The Fest are the great bands/ artists they get to perform. This year's musical guests included two of my favorite Christian artists; Matt Maher and Jeremy Camp! They were great! The day was absolutely beautiful and they had a great turn out for the event. They always close out the event with Mass outside; and it's pretty incredible being surrounded by thousands of people celebrating Mass! Unfortunately Mass does not begin until 8pm and usually last 2-hours with fireworks after Mass has been completed. This makes for a long evening and then trying to get through traffic when it's time to go, as well as driving home! We all had to work very early on Monday and decided we would not be able to stay for Mass. We had a great time though and I wanted to post a few pictures from the event! If you are interested in attending The Fest next year, check out their website: The Fest to see what's in store for 2009.

The Main Stage

booths surrounding the lawn area

TEC - A retreat we have been a part of for a few years now!

The lawn area

Lisa, Ben, Mom & Dad

Lisa looking for some snacks

Dad sharing some snacks :)

Ben hiding from the sun

Eating and listening to some good music

Ben, Lisa & Cassie

being silly :)

Our good friend Fr. Mike, who just became a priest this year, was sitting right next to us! :)

Matt Maher

Matt Maher on the screen :)

Jeremy Camp

Here are two quick videos of Jeremy Camp:

Right Here (popular song)

A bit from Never Let Go

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