Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wild Weekend

This weekend was definitely a WILD one and this post will be a LONG one! :)

On Friday evening I spent some time with my Mom, having dinner, shopping for supplies for Lisa & Ben's baby shower and attempting to purchase a shower gift for Ben's sister, Rachel, who is also expecting (in November). We had a great dinner, spent waaaayyyy too much time at the Arts & Crafts store (still not sure we got the best deal so back out hunting we will go) and then found nothing at the store Rachel was registered at! :) It was a fun though!

On Saturday, I did the usual house cleaning, studying and laundry. Then I headed over to Jill's because we were going to the SPA!! Yahoo!! Her birthday was on Wednesday September 10th (Happy Birthday!!) and we were going to do something on Saturday to celebrate and then she mentioned that she had this gift certificate that she hadn't used and wondered if I was interested in going with her. She had hoped her husband would go with her but she couldn't convince him so she gave up! I was completely open to the idea as I had never been to a spa before! She scheduled for us a half hour massage, whirlpool and manicure. We arrived early for the appointment which was scheduled for 3:00pm! Right from the start we knew something wasn't right! The service was slow and awkward. The girl running the show, reminded Jill of a Troll (the ones we used to play with as kids...) and she was so not a calm and relaxing person! (as you would expect at a spa....duh) We seemed to wait for quite awhile and heard a few stories of how this place was incredibly slow and had gone down hill recently. The troll lady showed us where the lockers were and indicated that our robes were in their and to change. So we did! She came back a while later and said she was taking us down to the whirlpool! UH, hello, you didn't tell us we needed to put on our bathing suits. We thought were going for our massages first, then to the whirlpool. So we went back tot he locker room to change and then waited some more! Finally we went down to the whirlpool, which was soothing! After that we had to shower and head back upstairs to wait for our massages. We were told 5 - 10 minutes but I bet it was closer to a half hour before she came to get me. I went back and it was a pretty good massage. After I was done I came back to our waiting room and waited for about 10 minutes for Jill to come out. She said she had waited for forever after I went in for my massage. Oh my, what an experience we were having! lol! So we changed our clothes and were taken downstairs to wait for our manicures! I looked at my watch and realized that we had been at the spa for 2 1/2 hours!! WHAT?!?! We were a little annoyed so we told them we were leaving because we had ran out of time! They didn't really even seem to be bothered by it! They were like, "I'm sorry" and that was it! I told Jill I think I was bad luck for her! :) I didn't think it would take that long and I had invited my family over to watch the OSU vs. USC game so that's why we ran out of time! We also had wanted to grab some dinner as we were both starving!

The spa offered us a $10 off coupon to their restaurant but we were so annoyed with them that we just wanted to get out of there. lol! So we decided upon Luchita's! Good choice Jill! We had good food and GREAT drinks! The manager/ owner (Ron Luchita...haha) bought Jill and I a Margarita after I announced It was her birthday and we were celebrating! I couldn't drink anymore since we had already shared a 1/2 pitcher of margaritas with dinner so she drank both of the ones Ron bought for us! Here is a great picture of her enjoying her margarita:

So after we sang really loud on the way home and Jill waved to strangers, we arrived back to the Lieser's house! There was a great Billy Joel song on the radio so we ran in to get Catelyn and danced outside the car! It was silly and Andy was totally confused! We hadn't told him the story of our day! I had to jet to get home for my family coming over! I hope you had a good time Saturday, Jill!!

So shortly after I arrived home, my parents, Ben & Lisa came over to watch the game! It was a pathetic game but it was nice to spend sometime with them! I only took one pictures so here it is:

Ben and his friend Eduardo! lol! He was probably getting into the chips or drinks! haha!

On Sunday I drove home to Seville to attend Mass as me and Lisa's friend, Megan, was in town for the weekend visiting from Philly! She came home to see her grandma and was going to be at church so I went down to see her! It was nice to visit for a few minutes and we look forward to seeing her and TJ again around Thanksgiving if all goes well!

After Mass, me and Mom headed up to North Royalton for Rachel's baby shower! It was a nice shower and good to visit with family! I love getting to see my sister too but still haven't felt the baby kick! lol! They are always sleeping when I'm around! Soon enough I will feel it and before I know it they will be here and I will be able to hold them! :)

After the shower I headed over to the Lieser's because Andy was having a little party for Jill's birthday! As I was heading over, the weather began to change a little. It was pretty windy and by the time I got to the Lieser's they had lost power. I only stayed for about an hour because I had so much to get done before Monday rolled around.

When I got home, you could tell the winds were really picking up! Ike was crossing over Ohio and bring with it extremely high winds! It brought hardly any rain to Akron but it brought gusts of 60 + mph! Crazy! Around 7pm, the power went off and we were without it for quite some time. I had to open the deck door and windows because it was getting so stuffy in my condo. Eddie kept checking outside but when the wind would gust he would go running for the bedroom or kitchen! :) I heard people talking outside so I went out on the deck and noticed a huge tree limb fell right behind my place almost hitting the backside of the condos! Phew, that was close! I think over 100 schools were closed in the area on Monday because power was still out! It was a bit crazy! Here are some pictures from our boring evening with no power, listening to the winds!

Tree Limb Down!!
What is going on outside?!?!
This no power stuff is boring....good night! :)
Every once in awhile we need a WILD weekend! :)

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