Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME! :) Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special! I celebrate my 29th (oh boy) birthday on Friday September 5th!

After the typical events of a Friday, I was blessed to have dinner with my closest friends, The Lieser's. We met at Champs up north because I had to play softball later on in the evening! It was a little hectic trying to get everyone there for dinner but it all worked out and we had a great time! Jill and Catelyn made me the greatest cake ever! Thank you so much! Here are pictures from the evening!!

The Beautiful Cake!!
My beautiful God Daughter, Catelyn!
Her sweet little brother, Connor
Looking at something :)
MMM Jill, that looks delicious! hehe!
The most adorable picture of me and the kids! Oops Connor forgot to look! :)
Turned Connor around and added Jill! Even better! Love you guys!

After an amazing dinner with the clan, I headed over to my softball game, which were the playoffs! I was excited! We played our first game at 8:30pm and WON!! We had to wait for the next game to be played and then we would play the winner of that game for the Championship! :) Our team is a wonderful team! We play well together and most of all have fun! We played our hearts out in the championship game but came up one run short! Oh well! There were no regrets! After the game a few us went out for a couple drinks to celebrate my birthday and the great season! It was fun!

On Saturday I was able to spend a wonderful evening with my family! (We always do a family birthday celebration) I got to pick where I wanted to go so I chose "Little Italy". I love the area and the good food! Before we left for Little Italy I opened presents from my parents and Lisa & Ben! My parents got me a few things for my condo! A wall clock, a painting and a plant for decoration! I was so happy! I really needed something to start the decorating that I need to do! My sister and Ben got me the Magic Bullet (a cool blender type thing) which was great as well! I love it! So off we went to Little Italy!! We ate at a little restaurant called Mama Santa's! They have great Pizza and Sangria! Of course my Dad had to have Red Wine! :) After dinner we walked around and looked at all the shops. It was such a beautiful evening. We then headed to Anthony's for Authentic Gelato! MMMM! After this I thought I might burst! hehe! I forgot my camera so no pictures from Little Italy. We topped off the night with a little fire at Lisa and Ben's house and a few enjoyed some cake that Mom had bought. I couldn't bring myself to eat a piece for I thought I might be sick! hehe! It was such a great night and I had such a great Birthday! I am truly blessed! Thank you!