Monday, July 21, 2008

St. Colman's

One of the people who attends the soup kitchen my family volunteers at a few times a month took a picture of us one day before we started serving the meal and I wanted to post the picture on my blog.

Don't we look like we are hard at work? :)
In the picture: Me, our friend Megan, Lisa, Mom & Dad (oh and Megan's mom is in the kitchen)

St. Colman's has been such a great thing for me to experience. I have been blessed to meet some amazing people and to hear their stories is quite incredible. The gift of service is such an incredible one and I am so lucky to be able to do this with my family. There are so many times in our lives when we need help and I think it's such a neat thing when we can provide help to someone else, even if they don't always appreciate it. Their lives are so much more difficult than I could ever imagine but many of them are thankful for what they do have and for those who providing a listening ear or helping hand and they never fall short of making that known to all they encounter.

Always thank God for all the many blessing you have in your life! They may seem trivial to you but to others they are things they may never have!

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Amanda West said...

Those gloves look great with your outfit! ;o)