Monday, July 14, 2008

16 weeks

These pictures really are just to show the change in Lisa as she goes through her pregnancy, however as you will note after seeing this picture, Lisa doesn't look any different than she did the last time I took her picture at 12 weeks. hehe! Although when we were leaving the concert she looked a little bigger! :)

I will post the pictures anyways so we can look back and smile about how small she was! She is 16 weeks today!! Yay baby! Oh and this will make everyone laugh; we had to take the pictures in the handicap bathroom stall at TGI Friday's because there wasn't anywhere else to take the picture since we were heading to Blossom for the concert. We laughed pretty hard about it!

You can see Lisa's laughing in this first picture:

In this trimester it says that she should gain between 12 & 14 pounds so by the next picture in 4 weeks we should see a bigger change in her belly! Her little munchkin is about the size of an avocado right now! It will double it's weight and add inches to it's length during this trimester!! Sweet!! At her next appointment, towards the end of the month, she should get an ultrasound and we will be able to see the little Bebe! Can't wait!!

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Kim D2 said...

Are we going to find out if there is a female or male avocado?