Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art in the Park

This weekend was a crazy one! On Friday I worked a car wash fundraiser for my work which was exhausting and then played softball that evening where we won 18-6. It was fun! On Saturday I was up early because it was MOVING DAY! Yay! As excited as I was, I'm not sure I was prepared for the amount of work that had to be done this day! The lucky part for all of us was that I was moving about a mile and a half away so the trips back and forth were easy. However, the heavy duty lifting and carrying that my Dad and Andy did were incredible and I can't thank them enough for doing that difficult work. I also have to send a HUGE "thank you" to my Mom who helped me out so much. She packed up my kitchen and set it up in my new place. (She did way more than that too) She is incredible! I am so blessed to have my parents and the Lieser's in my life. Thank you all for helping! And thanks to Jill for allowing Andy to help me move while she spent a Saturday with the kids. If anyone is wondering where my sister and Ben were in all of this moving fun, well, they went to Chicago for the weekend. Great planning guys...haha! JK, they didn't know my moving date when they booked their trip! We missed them! *I will post some pictures of the new place soon. I have so much organizing to do before it looks good enough for pictures. :)

Today, Jill called me and asked if they could stop by for a visit (to see the new place) and if I was interested in going to Art in the Park with them. It was practically across the street from my new place and it was a beautiful day so I was up for the fun! Jill, Andy, Catelyn and Connor arrived to my place shortly after she called with breakfast (thank you) and after that we headed over to the park. We walked around and looked at some beautiful art (way out of my price range) and then we walked Catelyn over to the playground so she could run around. Here are some pictures of all of us on the playground. It was a great day!

Thanks for a great day! It was so much fun!


Amanda West said...

These are GREAT pictures!! What kind of a camera do you have???

Cassie said...

This is so funny! I have a Nikon but I edited the photos on where i store my pictures and people seem to think it's the camera. haha! I did the same thing though until my friend Colleen told me how she made her pictures look different. I think it makes the pictures 100% better. :) try it someday (if you are ever bored...haha)