Monday, July 14, 2008

Broadway Today

A few years back Lisa and Ben went to see the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center as they were playing music from Lord of the Rings (one of Ben's favorite movies). A week or so ago Lisa mentioned to me that the Cleveland Orchestra was playing music from many of the top Broadway musicals and wondered if I was interested in going. I said "sure", as I had never seen an orchestra before except for at an actual Broadway musical. It also dawned on me that Lisa and I's good friend, Megan, was going to be in town visiting from Philadelphia and we invited her along.

The weather turned out to be fantastic and we got to see such a great show! There were 4 vocalists at the show who performed songs from many of the great musicals. Many of these vocalists were from actual Broadway shows which was a real treat for many people there! They sang songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, Jekyll & Hyde, The Lion King, Mama Mia, Wicked and many others. I enjoyed the entire show! It was also great to spend some time with Megan as we do not get to see her as often as we would like. Philly is a good drive from here! :) We will get out there someday though! We are so happy for her and all the great things that are happening in her life right now! She is more than deserving of it!!

I took some pictures of the three of us, of Blossom and I also posted a couple videos of the orchestra and vocalists! You can't see much but you get idea of the music that was played. Oh and AMANDA you better watch the second video; I'm sure you will laugh. You can hear me on the video saying that you'll get a kick out of the song. And I tried to get Lisa saying "hi" to you but the camera was zoomed in really close on her face and I couldn't get it to zoom out. You can see by her reaction that I was trying to fix the camera and she wasn't sure what was going on. Sorry about that! :) Enjoy though!!

The Lion King - Circle of Life

A flash back in time - some memories just never fade....

Wicked - For Good (my favorite musical and one of my favorite songs from it)

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