Monday, July 7, 2008

More Posts, Oh my!!

I will combine Sunday and today's post into one! :) They are short!

On Sunday morning I drove out to Chippewa Lake to attend 8:30am mass with my parents! It was a nice "after the 4th" celebration and much joy and thanksgiving to be celebrated. A sweet little girl from our church "Avery" made her first communion at this particular mass and it was such a joy to see her celebrate a milestone in her young life! She is a little firecracker and is always entertaining! The choir played and sang great music that reminded us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and of the sacrifice so many soldiers are making today so that we can have freedom! We are so blessed!

After mass we had a wonderful breakfast, as usual, with a few fellow friends and caught up on the events going on in our lives. After that I went over to the lake to head out on the boat for a little bit. I hadn't been on the lake once this year and figured I better try and get out there while we had a nice day! My dad came out with me and I took just a couple pictures from the lake (none of me, thank goodness..haha):

Today, Monday, I had the day off as well! Wow, Am I lucky or what?!?! A five day break from work! My sister, who is off from teaching until the end of the month, came over for the afternoon and we spent some time just hanging out. It was great to be with her! We went to lunch at Panera (something she was craving) and then did some shopping at Walmart and TJ Maxx! I picked up this sweet little outfit for my niece or nephew:

I'm sure you can't read the bib but it says "Give Peas a Chance" and the little onesie says "sweet pea" above the polka dots. It was a great deal at TJ Maxx and I couldn't pass it up! lol! Auntie is hooked! :)

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Bri said...

Just wait, you're going to love that little bundle of joy more then you could ever imagine! :)
Cute onesie!!