Monday, December 22, 2008


Here's an update for you; it's 1:07am on Monday December 22nd and.....

Lisa is in LABOR!!!!

You heard it right! We have been here since 8:20pm and currently she is at 7cm and things are progressing! We don't have much more of an update than that but since we have internet access in the hospital I thought I would post a quick blog!

Things started this morning (Sunday) with contractions beginning and such! They continued to get quicker and more intense so they came to the hospital around 5:00pm. They called us shortly after 7:00pm and said she was 2cm and she wanted us to come up to the hospital. About an hour after we got here Ben came out and said that she was 5cm and things were moving along! Her water has broke and she is 7cm but that's all we know at this time.

Lisa is a really private person so no one has seen her except for Ben. We knew going into this that Lisa wasn't going to want any of us in the room while she was in labor and things have happened quicker than she or we imagined so we completely understand. This is such a personal experience and it's no wonder they want to do this together; alone! They want us here for the support and soon we will have some news!!

Thanks for your prayers and look for a post soon! I can't wait to share pictures of this beautiful child!! I think I can safely say we will have a new addition to the Belle/Baranovic family on Monday December 22nd, 2008!!!!

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