Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A quick update for those wondering about Lisa!

Lisa had her 37 week appointment yesterday! I have to believe she was nervous yet excited to get some sort of news this week. This was her first pelvic exam since early early in the pregnancy! She had heard thrilling stories of other's experience having their cervix checked! lol! Of course it is never as bad as you expect and she made it through just fine! :)

Lisa has been feeling a lot of pressure down below for quite some time and her doctor confirmed that the baby is very far down and that is why she is feeling so much pressure! Yay the baby is in position! However, she hasn't dilated at all yet so she has a ways to go! lol! Maybe our guesses that she will go early won't be true but who knows! Things can change very quickly! The good news from the doctor was that she doesn't think Lisa will have to push very long once she is fully dilated and ready to go since the baby is so far down!

I'm very excited and I think I'm more anxious than her and Ben but that's OK; I'd rather her be relaxed and calm and let me do all the wondering and such! :) She has been amazing through her entire pregnancy and I am so lucky that my sister has allowed me to be a part of this experience!

More updates will follow whether it's this week or at least early next week after her next appointment on Monday!

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