Monday, December 1, 2008

36 weeks

Today Lisa is 36 weeks pregnant! She is in the home stretch! 4 weeks until her due date and most people we talk to think she is going to have this baby early. It's funny hearing everyone's guess on when she will have the baby and what she is going to have! She is definitely ready to have this baby; that's for sure! She has been having a ton of pressure, some braxton hicks, back pain after standing for awhile and the baby is kicking her ribs pretty often! She is up every hour at night and I'm sure you can guess why? :)

She is the cutest pregnant girl ever! She looks like she is carrying a basketball in the front of her! All Baby!!! Most people wouldn't guess that she is pregnant if walking behind her! She had her 36 week appointment today and her doctor wasn't there because of another delivery so Lisa just had her blood pressure checked, baby's heart rate, her weight, etc. She was hoping for a pelvic exam (as scheduled) but will have to wait until next Monday! We will see how this week goes for her! I'll have an update next week after her next appointment! Here are a few pictures of her that I took yesterday!!

36 weeks


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh she has grown since the shower! She looks so cute!!!! I can't wait to find out what she has!

Cassie said...

yeah she has grown and dropped since the shower! she has been having a lot of pressure so who knows...that baby may come sooner than the 29th!! :) i can't wait to find out what she's having either! it's a toss up! lol!