Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Metro Burger & Robots :)

I was blessed with the presence of Jill, Andy, Catelyn and Connor last night! It had been 3 weeks since I had last seen them! That is way too long to go without seeing some of the greatest people in my life! Thank you guys for coming over to visit and for bringing a delicious dinner! I can't believe how much Connor has grown in the past 3 weeks and of course, I am shocked that my little god daughter will be 3 years old next Monday. Time flies!

Here are a few pictures I took last night:

Connor and Eddie getting to know each other! They were so cute, fighting over toys! Eddie enjoyed Connor being down on his level!

Eddie playing with Connor! This is how he plays with his toy duck! hehe!

Catelyn smiling big for the camera!

Starting him young, don't you think? :)

Such a ham

Big boy sitting up all by himself!

In the crawling position! It won't be long!

A great picture of Mom and Connor! (except for the silly cat toy in the background...)

Catelyn pretending she is a robot; putting Eddie's toy on her head! Silly girl!

Thanks for a great visit! FYI, Lisa had a doctor's appointment yesterday, as mentioned in the previous post, and everything is great. She gained a couple more pounds and the baby's heart rate was 148! Go Baby B!!

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