Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Carnival of Horrors

So Saturday was Catelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (that will be my next post) and it was such a beautiful day! After her party, I went over to the Lieser's to visit with them and a few other people. Catelyn's Godfather, Mike and his wife Kim, came over and Jill's Mom, husband and little sister were in town visiting for Catelyn's special day.

Jill had mentioned to me earlier in the week that her, Andy, her mom and Jim were going to take Courtney to her first haunted house. They asked me if I wanted to come along. I said "no way"!! I hadn't been to a haunted house since I was in high school and I hated the experience. I couldn't believe they were going to take Courtney to a haunted house as she is only 9 years old. (I guess I lived a sheltered life growing up.....haha)

The babysitter arrived to put Catelyn to bed and watch over her and Connor for a few hours as they all went out. Jill gave Connor a quick bath and I helped. As they gathered things up and started to get ready to leave, Courtney looks at me with those big eyes and asks me if I am going to go with them to the haunted house. I looked back at her and said "no honey, I don't do haunted houses", "I don't like them", "I have to go home", etc. haha! I kept making up excuses and she just wouldn't accept them. She begged and begged and somehow I found myself saying "yes" to this crazy notion of going to haunted houses. I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth! Ugh! I had to do it now!

We took separate cars as I had only planned to go to ONE place and they were talking about going to TWO. :) Their first stop was Blossom Music Center where it played host to the "Carnival of Horrors"!! I saw the sign when we pulled into the place and I screamed! haha! Jill & Andy must have thought I was nuts! Once we got out of the car and headed inside I started to calm down! In the back of my mind I kept telling myself that I had to be the grown up; as I noticed Courtney looking a little bit more scarred as each moment passed. I told her that none of it was real and they couldn't hurt us (I think I was telling myself this as well.....).

There were 3 different things we had to go through; The Freak Show, The Haunted Woods and The Fun House! The first place was by far the scariest! There was so much strobe lighting and darkness and people jumping out in all different directions; some with knives, some with chainsaws, etc. The Woods and the Fun House weren't too bad! I actually had a good time! It was sort of thrilling! lol!

Here are a few pictures after we went through the whole thing! Courtney is one brave 9 year old! She definitely showed me up! Thanks for giving me the courage to go along and have a great time!

That adorable 9 year old, Courtney!!
Courtney and her Dad, Jim
Andy and Jill....ewwww! :)
Much better! :)
Jill & I

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Amanda West said...

Ooh, you are so brave!! I'm not a fan of haunted houses either!!!