Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to 2008!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I can hardly believe another year is upon us! Time sure does fly! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! My New Year's was great and very relaxing! On New Year's Eve I joined my parents, my sister and Ben and Ben's family for our annual dinner at Stancatos Restaurant in Parma. The food and company was nice! We always have a good time. After dinner I went to Ben and Lisa's where we hung out for a little while, playing with their kitten Mo and playing the video game Guitar Hero III. We had a bit of fun! (it became the trend over the next day or so...haha) After that we headed to our friend Matt's place for his annual New Year's Eve Bash. This year was a much calmer year for me. I enjoyed spending time with great people and having fun....most of all.....remembering the entire night. :) We played more Guitar Hero and some even brought out the old college drinking games and we rang the New Year in with much excitment for another year. Here are a few pictures from New Year's Eve:

New Year's Day was super relaxing! I spent the night at Lisa and Ben's house and we got up early to attend New Year's Day mass at St. Charles. I joined Lisa and her two college friends for a little while after that for coffee at Starbucks and then finally headed to Mom and Dad's house to spend the day with them. Lisa and Ben came down too and Mom made a good meal. We played more Guitar Hero, watched old skating videos and enjoyed one another's company. My Dad seemed to enjoy Guitar Hero a lot more than Dance Dance Revolution! :) My Mom on the other hand never could get the hang of it! But give her props for trying!! Here are a few pictures:


Bri said...

i love guitar hero!!! im not the greatest but i rock out like the best of them! i sadly went to bed shortly after the ball dropped, woke up at 4am and took Manda, Chad and Miss Brynn to the airport :( boo on that! But, I'm glad to see you guys had a fun time!

Cassie said...

yeah i love guitar hero too!!! i'm not that great either..haha! i still crack up when i see those pictures of my dad! he usually doesn't get into video games but he liked this one!

school starts in a week...yikes...good luck with your first semester of graduate school!

Amanda West said...

I've never played Guitar Hero before but I heard it's awesome! I think we need to buy it. That picture of your dad cracks me up!!