Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blast from the Past - Part 2

So I think I may get killed for publishing this post but I couldn't help it! I wrote a blog a few posts back titled "Blast from the Past" in which I was very lucky to be reunited with my old skating friends, the Shadels right after Christmas! At the time of the post I did not have any old skating photos to share; however, it didn't take long to get over to my parents to search for some memory envoking photos. My dad invited me over to watch the OSU vs. LSU title game last night and when I got there he had already dug through old photos and sorted them out! That was nice! I didn't have to do anything other than bring the photos to my place and upload them to the computer! Some of these pictures are over 15 years old! Wow! These pictures range from skating banquets to rink pictures to a few actual skating pictures. Here they are:

Here is a great picture of Me, Chad, Amanda, Lisa and Bri at the Annual Roller Skating Banquet. This was pretty early in our skating days! It might have been my first banquet.

Oh Wow! The Wooster kids and the Elyria kids! We practiced together on the weekends so that's probably why we took this picture!

Amanda showing off her dancng skills! I love mostly how Lisa and Bri are in the background holding hands while dancing!

Lisa and Amanda taking a break from dancing! (Amanda, who is that guy next to Lisa? His name is on the tip of my tongue.)

Such a Bri photo! Was this before or after you got stuck in the grabber machine? Bri and Lisa were our greatest fans when we were first skating! Thanks you two!!

Sally (Mrs. Shadel) and little Chad! Sometimes it seems like this stuff just happened yesterday!

I had to post this picture! Don (Mr. Shadel) with hair! :) My dad is the first guy and then Don and then my mom! She will kill me for posting this picture!

Our skating coaches wife, who also coached, with their kids Chad and Justin. My mom is next to them and I'm sitting on the floor!

Oh am I stylin' or what?!?! I like how this picture is of Becky but I somehow make my mark in pictures! Probably fixing my hair or something. Teenager! lol!

A little bit later in the skating years! Part of the club in Wooster. I was probably 14 or so and am in the back row with the black and white outfit on. (amanda, do you see lynn sigler in front of me? hehe. she would probably kill me for this too)

A picture of me and lynn at regionals. Looks like I was dressed for practice.

And finally, my mom fixing my sister's hair! We were at Wooster so it must have been a test night. I think I hated those nights worse than competitions!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! It brough back a lot of memories for me! Skating was a huge part of my life and I will treasure these moments for as long as I live! Thanks to all who made it a special time in my childhood!


Amanda West said...

OH MY GOSH... you are hilarious!! I saw the title and then the first sentence and I was cracking up!!! I am such a dork and your parents captured that in all of these pictures - thanks guys!! ;o)

That's so cool that your Dad already had them out for you!! AND the one with both of our Dads in it was really cool too!!

I love that you put the one in there with Bri's red lipstick!!

You know what's funny?? I met Lynn through daycamp at the YMCA when we were little, then I found out that she skated. She and I became super close friends that way!! Isn't that weird? I know she'd be cracking up like crazy if she saw this!!!

Thanks for sharing all of the memories, we had so much fun growing up!!!

Bri said...

haha I was going to start out by saying OMG as well but Manda did first!

Could we have any better outfits?!

How could you forget my bright red lipstick? and why didnt anyone take that away from me while i was sleeping or take it and just run FAR, far away from me!?

What can I say, Lisa and I partied like it was 1999!

Thanks for posting all these fun (hilarious) pics, Cassie!

Sally said...

Okay, now I'm going to have to go thru our skating pictures and scan them and send them to Amanda! Those were fun days! A lot of great memories..by the way, what ever happened to Chester?
The boy in the one picture I think, is Chris Barto(?), ya'll had a crush on him! Thanks for the memories!

Cassie said...

I kind of had a feeling I might embarrass a few, but hey, I put up pictures of myself too! haha! I love these pictures! Great memories! Bri and her red lipstick! Funny stuff!!

Chris Barto sounds familiar! It wouldn't surprise me if we had a crush on him. Remember the crush many had on Adam Gasser?!?! haha! To be honest i'm not sure whatever happened to Chester. I should ask my mom if she knows.

I look forward to seeing your pictures if you ever post them! lol! I might find more and continue the embarrassment! lol!

Amanda West said...

OH and I can't remember what the heck Chris's last name is. I know it starts with a "B" though... Barto just doesn't sound right. I bet Abby would remember!!