Monday, January 21, 2008

School Blues.....

So classes resumed last week and my life turned back into it's boring old self! At this point, my life consists of work, class, studying, homework, cleaning, etc. This was my fear when starting a blog....that when classes resumed I would not have anything to write about. Boo!

My schedule this semester is pretty difficult but I think I am going to enjoy most of my classes! The tough part about Spring semester is that it is so darn cold outside! The weather really takes a toll on your body so the weekends consist of more resting than anything! I am doing all that I can not to get sick! You should hear all the other people in my classes, they are sneezing, coughing, etc. Somedays I want to wear one of those medical masks to class just so I don't catch any unwanted diseases! :)

However, on a brighter note, I only have 40 days until my cruise to the Caribbean! Woo Hoo!!! Oh I can just see us flying into San Juan now! The beautiful sun and beaches and our big cruise ship! hehe! Just to get you all in the mood, I will post some pictures of places that I will be seeing on my adventure in the sun! We leave on Saturday March 1st and come home on Monday March 10th! What a vacation! So for all you Ohio people, enjoy these pictures and take my advice and go on a cruise! You won't regret it! (at least I can imagine how you would regret it) Plan far in advance and you can get a really great deal! We booked over a year in advance and we got airfare from Cleveland to San Juan for $236.00 dollars! Our cruise is through Royal Caribbean and was really really cheap for a 7 day cruise!

ooooo, I can't wait! I am truly blessed to be able to travel! of course when I get back from the trip, I will post my own real photos! They will be better! :)

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