Sunday, January 6, 2008

All for One!! One for All!! Go Cavs!!

So last Wednesday this guy that I work with, Joe, who I've played softball with for a few years called me around 2pm and offered me two tickets to the Cavs game that night versus the Atlanta Hawks. It was really last minute but they were Free tickets in the VIP club seating. I immediately called my dad, who is a huge Cavs fan as well, and asked him if he was interested in going. He said, "Free?!?!", Ok, sounds good to me." haha! The game started at 7pm but we had to get there early because we had access to the club area where there was Free food and drinks. Even the Beer was Free. Wow! Our seats were nice and we had a great time. Here are a few pictures:

The Cavaliers huddling up before they took the court

The KING!!!

In front of our seats there was this group called the "Scream Team" who do Hip/Hop dancing so I took a picture

The Cavalier warming up!

Team introductions and the Flames!!

And the game begins...

We got to see a really good game. It started slow in which Lebron only had 4 points in the first half. However, he really turned it on in the second half and scored 32 points. The Cavaliers went on to win 98-94. Go Cavs!!

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