Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! We are 9 days away! :) I finally finished the semester on Friday December 14th at 3:00pm! Phew! What a semester! I'm still waiting on grades but I think I did well! I am looking forward to having 4 nice weeks off! Too bad I still have to work! hehe! I feel relaxed already! Oh, I finally decorated my tree and here are a few pictures:

Once school finished, I finished my Chistmas shopping and decorated all the presents! They are under the tree as you can see! I am having my first ever party at my own place. It's pretty exciting. It is going to be super small and mostly family! My place isn't big enough to have a huge party but I wanted to open my place up for people to visit. I hope it turns out well! I have major cleaning to get done but that's what these good ole' snow days are good for. Yesterday and today we have had just about every type of weather imaginable. (other than beautiful sunny skies and heat...haha) It snowed yesterday and freezing rained and rained last night. Now we are back to snow and at some times today it has been blizzard like. I love it! lol! Here are a few pictures of the first snow warning of the season:

Oh and best story of all I almost forgot to share: My dad called me last weekend and said "Hey, we got a new dog!" I was like WHAT?!?! You guys don't want another dog; why on earth would they get a new one. Well after chatting he told me that this dog showed at the house and basically wouldn't leave. He would follow my dad around and of course my mother, the one who has this things for animals had to feed him! So of course he wasn't going to leave. My parents dog is a Sheltie. Which is a smaller collie. Here are a few pictures of this stray so you all can get the idea of how differnt this dog is from the one they have:

hehe! He was a fabulous dog! But way too much for my parents to handle with the dog they already have and the cats they have living outside. "Moose" as my parents called him would drive the cats crazy! After a week of trying to find "Moose" at home my parents found a Rottweiler Shelter that agreed to take him in! My parents said that the place was fantastic and that they would find him a good home! Good news on that end! I tease my parents that they are the drop of zone for unwanted pets. All kinds of cats, a domestic bunny and now their first dog! For their sake, I hope it's the last! :)
I will be sure to keep all posted on my grades and hopefully some pictures of the party! The holidays are a great time to enjoy family and friends so be sure to do that!

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