Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's hard to believe it but Christmas has come and gone! I had such an enjoyable time going home and visiting with family and friends. On Sunday we had a nice dinner at my grandma's in Chippewa Lake. I don't think we've had a family dinner at her place since before my grandpa passed away 5 years ago. It was nice to hang out and chat and unfortunatley watch the Browns lose to the not-so-good Bengals! lol!

On Christmas Eve, Lisa and Ben came over to my parents so that we could celebrate Christmas with them. We opened presents and enjoyed hanging out! I posted some pictures of the fam opening their gifts.

Mom checking out the slippers I bought her....they didn't fit so now the returning

Mom and Dad

Dad opening his gift from grandma

The greatest lady ever, my grandma!

Oh the happy couple...haha

Opening the picture frame I got them and the vacation memory pictures I put in it for them!

So after we hung out all day, we got cleaned up and went to Christmas Eve Mass at 5:00pm! We have attended this mass for many years! All of our friends attend mass as well and after we have a little party at Mom and Dad's. Many people from church come over and we have lots of food and goodies. We play games and watch the little kids get excited for Santa to come later that evening! I wish I would have taken pictures but I didn't. Too busy socializing I guess! Maybe next year! haha!

Another fun thing is that my sister and ben (her husband) sang a duet for the first time this Christmas! Ben's family is a very musical family! They sing, play instruments, etc. For the past few Christmas they have recorded a Christmas CD and it's so much fun! Well this year Lisa and Ben sang a song together, and even though they don't like to share their gifts, I do and I'm so proud of them! It takes guts to sing for others! Click on the link below to listen! I also linked a funny song that Ben sang with his little cousin Jillian and a beautiful song sung by Ben's sister Rachel. The song Lisa and Ben sing is called "On that Holy Mountian", Ben (Will Farrell doing Robert Goulet) and Jillian sing "Winter Wonderland" and Rachel sings "Hope is Born Again". I enjoyed it! Hope you do too!! All the songs are together!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure i'll post again soon!!

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