Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day & The World's Largest Yardsales

It was a busy weekend full of fun stuff! :) I took a vacation day on Friday and headed to Seville for the World's Largest Yard Sales! Woo Hoo! haha! Me and Dad got there early and rode our bikes around town checking out all the good deals. (mostly junk but an occasional deal was found) I found a small bar type table with two bar stools to put outside on my deck for $20 and a wood entertainment center since right now my TV sits on basically a black stand. lol. The entertainment center was $50. Can't beat those deals. They will sit in my parents garage until I hopefully move in a month or so. :) (I will keep everyone posted on that) As we rode around we couldn't believe the amount of baby stuff (ie. clothes, toys, etc) We found a stroller travel system that was in great condition and my dad got a great bargain of $40 for the entire thing. The stroller, car seat and base! It's a Graco and we looked it up online and it originally sold for $200! Here are some pictures:

oh and this cool little seat thing......

So needless to say my mom was excited to have a stroller and car seat at the house for them to use when they babysit or whatever. :) Only 6 more months...hehe! Lisa was quite impressed with the stroller as well.

On Saturday we had a softball fundraiser for our team. We had a pretty good turn out! I didn't take any pictures so that's a bummer!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day! We went to Mass with the family and then spent the majority of the rest of the day hanging out around the house. Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!!! Even Father's whose children haven't entered the world just quite yet! :)

This is how our awesome "fathers" spent a few moments during the beautiful afternoon:

And Lisa and Mom sitting outside enjoying the weather too:

So Lisa is 12 weeks pregnant now (time is flying...hehe) and since she was over I took another side shot of her so we can all see her progress. At her last appointment on June 5th she hadn't gained any weight but that isn't uncommon. Her belly has expanded a little bit as you can see from the last picture to this picture. She is feeling good and excited to enter her second trimester!! She has been quite lucky in the fact that she hasn't had any morning sickness and has maintained a far amount of energy. However, Lisa has always had a lot of energy that has amazed me over the years. She will have plenty to keep up with her child as they grow!

I know she will be mad at me for putting up this picture of her bare belly but you get a better idea of how her belly is expanding when their is no shirt covering it! :) I can't wait to watch her grow!

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Amanda West said...

Shoot, she can't get mad, she looks great!!! Lisa... where's your blog?!

You got some smokin' deals on baby stuff!! (You can find some awesome prices on baby clothes too!!)