Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

I'm sure that title will make Jill laugh!

One thing that my sister and I never did as teenagers was babysit! We were always roller skating and were lucky enough to never have to hold jobs as teenagers. Something that I think I always took for granted! However, now that I am much much older and have been graced with the greatest god daughter ever I have been given the opportunity to spend time with her and learn so many things I never knew about children. I have gained confidence in my ability to care for another human being which is a huge task if you’ve never been responsible for something like that before. She has taught me how to laugh at the silly things and she has shown me so much love, more love than you could ever imagine a 2 ½ year old showing! She is growing up so fast and learning so many exciting things! She deserves a well rounded applause for her great efforts in using the potty!! I love how proud she is of herself! I hope she always knows how proud we are of her now and will be in the years to come!

On Saturday I was given the opportunity to babysit for the Lieser's while Mom and Dad went to see the Broadway Show "Jersey Boys"! (which I heard was great by numerous people) So with this opportunity I decided to see if my sister wanted to assist in the babysitting duties. This would give her the opportunity to spend time with both an infant and a toddler! Seeing that she is going to be graced with a child in December I'm sure she could use all the practice she could get! hehe! She openly accepted the invitation! I was excited because like I said, we never babysat when we were teenagers and I thought it would be fun spending time together as well as playing with the kids!

Catelyn & Connor were so great to spend the day with! We had so much fun and I thought I would share a few photos from the afternoon!

Catelyn eating her dinner (as you can see she wanted cereal)

Watching Peter Pan!

so focused....


Connor making faces at Lisa

whoa....close up!

chewing on my hands

sitting calming in my swing

I love this picture!!!

Lisa & Connor

I think Lisa needs a burp cloth :)

We hope the kids had as much fun as we did! Can't wait until the next time! (but don't get any crazy ideas Mom & Dad...hehe...jk)

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