Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time is a moving.....

Time just keeps moving by, quicker and quicker, it seems! The semester is progressing and things are getting a bit more intense! I am enjoy all of my classes and really believe I am in the field I am suppose to be in. I have learned so much thus far and look forward to the opportunities that will follow!

Aiden was 7 weeks old yesterday and he is growing like a weed! :) He is such a doll! He is starting to become a little bit more active! He is making faces, testing out his voice and visually checking out all the things around him! On Friday February 6th I babysat for Lisa and Ben so that they could have a night out! They went to dinner and a movie! It was good for them and good for me to spend some one-on-one time with my nephew! We had fun!

I took some pictures while he was in his bouncy seat! He was so happy and I really got some good shots of him! He has changed so much! Enjoy!!

He still seems to take after Lisa but I'm sure as he grows different pieces of Ben will start to shine through! He seems to be pretty lengthy which is an attribute of Ben. His legs are long as well as his fingers! Maybe a basketball player? :)

Lisa and Ben have asked me to be Aiden's Godmother and I am so honored and blessed! He will be baptized on Sunday February 22, 2009! We are all looking forward to this blessed day! I will be sure to have pictures after! Ben's brother Chris will be Aiden's Godfather! I said "We went from Maid of Honor and Best Man to Godmother and Godfather"! Isn't it strange how life changes so fast?!?!

Hope this post finds you all doing well! Think Spring, Think Spring!! :)


The Wilhelms said...

He is SO adorable!! I am glad that you are able to spend a little time with him, too. Tell Lisa and Ben that they have a beautiful baby. Can't wait to see pictures of the Christening!

Amanda West said...

He is sooo cute! He really does look like Lisa!!