Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing in Action

I've have neglected my blog for almost a month now and I'm sorry about that! The biggest problem is that I do not have internet access at home! I'm procrastinating on that topic! I have a laptop that I use when I'm on campus but it's rare that I have much time to blog or load pictures. My computer at work won't let me upload pictures (something is wrong with the USB port) and I have really wanted to blog about my little nephew. So as you can see.....I need to take action and get the internet set up at home so I can keep this blog more updated!

I am back in the thick of things! Work, school, projects, studying, household chores, spending time with family, etc. My days are so long! It doesn't help that the temperatures outside have been ridiculously cold! More like ARCTIC! Wind chills are not my friend! When I come into work while it's still dark outside and there are subzero degrees registering on thermometers it can be very difficult to be energized! We have had, in my opinion, a tough winter thus far and it's only January! Ugh! :)

But I must keep a positive attitude! I have a great life, a great family, an opportunity to get an education, the ability to travel, a CAR, a HOUSE, etc! You get the point! I am blessed!!! It's easy though to get wrapped up on the chaos of daily life and forget about how much we do HAVE! My dad always told me to live a life of gratitude, not a life of expectation! Imagine if we were always grateful for EVERYTHING rather and feeling as if it should be given to us! It may change the way we view things?!?!

OK, back to life updates;

Everyone is doing well! Lisa and Ben are adjusting to life as parents! Aiden is 1 month old today! :) Time flies! (I promise I'll get pictures soon) He is growing like a weed! I think he weighs over 9lbs already! Lisa and Ben took him to the pediatrician because he has been fussy and acting as if he has a stomach ache and they seem to think he is developing a sensitivity to milk. Since Lisa is breastfeeding she has to eliminate milk products from her diet. Wow! That must be tough! Aiden has been a little off on sleeping at the right times but it's getting better and they are working on a schedule! Lisa and Ben are doing a fantastic job as first time parents and I am so proud of them! I am looking forward to watching Aiden grow!! He is so beautiful!!

Since I have been despising the weather it was fitting to think forward to Spring Break and consider the idea of going somewhere. Last year I went on a cruise with the family (has it really been a year?!?!) and I knew that I probably wouldn't be able to do that for awhile. The next best thing would be to make my FIRST trip out West! I have never been past the middle part of the US! My grandma's sister, Polly, and her family live in California. I believe the town is Sun City, CA and my dad's cousin Joyce lives in San Diego! I have always wanted to visit them but the timing was never right (or the finances) so since my grandma is going out in a few weeks I figured it would be a good time to go out that way and see the sights of San Diego and surrounding areas. Then grandma can fly home with us when we come back! My parents are going as well and that will be great! They have been out there once before a few years back and have been looking to go back! We leave on March 14th and stay for a week! I can't wait!!

The countdown begins and it gives me something to look forward to! I've always thought the time building up to the trip is the best because you have so much anticipation and excitement! 50 some days and counting....hehe!

Hope life is well for everyone reading this blog! Many blessings always!!

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