Monday, November 3, 2008

32 weeks!!!

Lisa is 32 weeks TODAY! :) After this post there will be only 1 more post with a picture (36 weeks) before the baby arrives! (hopefully....haha) I guess if he or she arrives late we might have another post with a picture at 40 weeks but I think at that point Lisa might be annoyed and probably will not want to have any more pictures taken!

But do not despair, I will keep everyone updated on any progress or news that Lisa may have in between these 4 weeks periods. Of course she goes to the doctor every two weeks up until she arrives at 36 weeks and then she will be going once a week. Speaking of doctor's appointments; they had one today and here is the update:

All is well!! The baby's heart rate is about 145! Lisa still hasn't gained the amount of weight the doctor would like her to but she is doing just fine and is doing the best she can about eating more calories per day. She has always been a light eater and seems to have a higher metabolism. She works everyday and is constantly on her feet moving about; plus she is going to school trying to finish her Masters so she is really active and that probably plays a factor on her being able to gain weight.

Lisa and Ben's Baby Shower is coming up in less than 2 weeks so there will definitely be a post after that fun event! Her co-workers had a surprise shower for her the other day. Lisa was shocked and extremely thankful! She has great co-workers!

Rachel (Ben's sister) is due this Thursday 11/5 so hopefully, for her sake, Little Sophie will be making her arrival in the near future!

Here are the pictures I took yesterday of Lisa; she is just so darn cute! Her belly button is starting to push out and yesterday I saw a portion of the baby move across her belly. Oooo, that's something really strange to see but yet so amazing!

Side profile

side profile - bare

front view (flat belly button) :)

the happy couple :)

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