Monday, May 19, 2008

Joyful News

How do you start a blog about something so special?!?! A few weekends back my family participated in the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Massillon, Ohio. This weekend was the weekend before my Mom's birthday, so we decided we were going to celebrate it since we were all going to be around for the walk. After the walk we got cleaned up and were getting ready to go to dinner to celebrate. Me, Lisa and Ben had purchased tickets to the musical "Jersey Boys" for my Mom's birthday and Mother's Day! However, my sister had brought down a small gift bag for her as well. I was a little upset with her seeing that we agreed the only thing we were going to get her were those tickets. I wanted to go to dinner and have Mom open her gifts there but Lisa insisted that we open them at home, so I gave in and let Mom open her gifts at home. :) Lisa gave her the gift bag and told her to open the blue package first. It was some item that was wrapped in blue tissue paper. I was totally unaware of what was happening or what my Mom could be getting so I paid little attention. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw my sister hold up her camera to take a picture of my Mom and it was then that I looked down on the table and saw a cute green and white ONESIE!!! Oh my gosh, it hit me, she was PREGNANT!!! I flipped out! I started screaming, jumping up and down, running around the living name it, I probably did it at that moment!! I wish they would have had a video camera to capture that moment!! haha! My sister said "Now you see why I wanted to do this at home?!?" haha! The onesie for my Mom said "My heart belongs to Grandma". They got one for my Dad as well that said "Grandpa's little sidekick" and Lisa made a bib for me that says "I love my Aunt"! How sweet!! So for the past few weeks we have had to keep our mouths shut and not let the news slip. Lisa wanted to wait until she saw the doctor and had her first ultrasound before sharing the big news with people!

On Tuesday May 13, 2008 Lisa had her first ultrasound and found out she was 7 weeks 1 day pregnant and her projected due date is December 29, 2008! YAY!! I took a picture of her yesterday:

Lisa - 8 weeks pregnant
How exciting?!?! It's hard to imagine that in just 7 months my sister will be a new mom and I will be a first time aunt! I'm so excited for her and Ben! They will make amazing parents!! Lisa finally shared the news with everyone at church and now the word will spread! The Belle's and Baranovic's are so very blessed!!

So with this great news, we also received great news from Lisa's best friend Jenni since grade school. Jenni gave birth to her first child on Friday May 16, 2008. Here are a few pictures from the hospital! Madison Ann is her name and she is so precious and petite!


Amanda West said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Lisa and Ben!! (and Aunt Cassie and Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Joe too!!)

Now you need to talk her into starting a blog... she looks amazing. I wish I looked like that before I got pregnant, or even a few months in!!

How crazy is it that she's due a day after Bri's b-day AND a year and a day after we saw you?

Sally said...

Oh my gosh...CONGRATULATIONS! Gramma Cheryl, you will have so much fun! It is the best feeling in the world be a gramma....

Cassie said...

Thanks for the comments! I think I'm still in shock! My parents are very excited too! Such an exciting year ahead!! Lisa said she started a blog but I haven't found it yet! lol! I'll ask her about it again!

Bri said...

Yea Lisa!!! Manda's right, one day after my birthday!!! How special and Congrats grandma, grandpa and Auntie YOU! :)